Transition Houston Hub Meetings

Transition Houston has revised our meeting schedule, and will now hold our  general city-wide Hub meetings on the first Tuesday of every month at Christ the King Lutheran Church, located at 2353 Rice Blvd, Houston, TX  77005 (at the corner of Rice Blvd. and Greenbriar).

Please note: Our March 2011 Transition Houston meeting will be on Tuesday, March 1, at Christ the King Lutheran Church.

The details and requested RSVP are at the Event listing here.

See you on the 1st!


Transition Houston Core Team Meetings

The Initiating Team has begun to transform into the Core Team, composed of representatives of Neighborhood Transition Initiatives and Action Groups.  We plan to meet on the last Tuesday of each month (a week before the Transition Houston Hub meeting).  If you would like to join us for these meetings please contact us at


Transition Neighborhood Meetings

Transition neighborhoods are becoming very active.  Some of our most active neighborhoods include Transition Midtown, the Clear Lake Transition Initiative, and Transition Old Sixth Ward.  Meeting dates and times vary by group.  Please contact us at about joining an existing neighborhood or to form a local community in your area.


10 responses to “Meetings

  1. Dawn Newcomer

    I chair Northwoods Green, the sustainability committee at Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Church in The Woodlands. I have read “Transition Handbook” and have a good understanding of peak oil, climate change and economic and social collapse.
    Our group is trying to educate our congregation and the surrounding community about the need to transition to a low-carbon lifestyle and to develop a strong local economy consisting of food production, renewable energy, and sustainable manufacturing.
    We may be able to get a Transition Woodlands started sometime in the near future. I look forward to learning more about the Houston movement.

  2. 2009 Runoff Candidate Meet and Greet

    DECEMBER 3, 2009 – 6:30 PM – The Upper Kirby Building
    CNU-Houston, Houston Tomorrow, Emerging Green Builders, and Citizens’ Transportation Coalition are proud to host a Meet and Greet event for the 2009 Houston Runoff Election Candidates.

    We’ve invited the following candidates to come to this social event where they can get to know our organization members and friends:

    Mayor: Annise Parker, Gene Locke
    Controller: Ron Green, MJ Khan
    District A: Brenda Stardig, Lane Lewis
    District F: Mike Laster, Al Hoang
    At-large 1: Stephen Costello, Karen Derr
    At-large 2: Sue Lovell, Andrew Burks

    Not only will this event be an excellent chance for us to get to know the runoff candidates, this will be a great opportunity for the members of these organizations to get to know each other better as well. We’re really looking forward to this unique event, and we hope that you’ll join us!

    Please let us know you’re coming, this helps us plan our space and refreshment needs!

    Event Details:
    Thursday, December 3, 2009 from 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
    Upper Kirby Building
    3015 Richmond Ave.
    Houston, TX

  3. Miranda Martinez

    I am interested in finding out more about this organization. Please contact me at [edited to remove personal phone number].


  4. AAh I can’t believe I missed the meeting by just a couple of days!

    I just moved to Houston and am currently trying to get involved as much as possible in my activist efforts. I’d be very happy to receive further information about future meetings or events, etc.

    • transitionhouston


      Welcome (back?) to Houston; we are so sorry that you missed our meeting but we have one every month and it isn’t that long until the next on February 1! I’ve added you to our Transition Houston email list so we can keep you up to date on what’s happening.

      By the way, there will be an inaugural meeting of the Media/Outreach Work Group at 7:30pm on Monday, January 18th, at the Brasil Coffee House, 2604 Dunlavy @ Westheimer. You are very welcome to attend and lend your experience!

      Please also check out our Transition Houston social network site; much good conversation happens there and you are welcome to join in.

  5. Mattias, met at EGB showing of No Impact Man, you had not a card to give me with phone or email. Mattias, would like to come to your next Urban Harvest meeting, please send email with contact info. possibly would like something permaculuture on my 4th floor terrace. Cheers!

  6. Michelle Machin

    This looks interesting. I’ll come to tonight’s meeting…how fortuitous that I checked the site (for the first time) on a meeting day.

    I’m in the Humble area…have read Kunstler’s The Long Emergency and am now reading The Fourth Turning, by William Strauss.

    I have taken steps toward self-sufficiency and would like to know if there are like-minded people in the area.

    • transitionhouston

      Looking forward to meeting you, Michelle!

      By the way, there are a number of people in the Woodlands and North-of-Houston area who are members of Transition Houston and/or Transition Woodlands. We can put you in touch with them.

  7. Christy Hitchens

    I’m interested in Transition Houston and also in contacting someone from the group starting up in the Heights, where I live.

    I have to miss the annual training, as I am having surgery on my foot the Thursday prior, but will start reading the website and all I can get my hands on, including the on-line archives. Thanks for being here!

    • transitionhouston

      Thanks for your interest, Christy!

      I’ll add you to our email list, so you will be informed of things going on in our Transition Houston space. If you want to be removed just let me know.

      I will also send your name to the folks I know who are in the Heights; most have been very involved in Transition Houston to the point that they haven’t had much time to start up Transition Heights, but perhaps with your interest and energy the group will come together.

      Also please check out (and I hope, join!) our Transition Houston ning group.

      Thanks again,
      Mark Juedeman

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