Action Groups

Transition Houston began to organize Action Groups (a.k.a. Work Groups) at our January 2010 meeting.  These groups are where the work–head, heart, and hand–of Transition Houston will be done. 

Our immediate priorities will be to provide tangible examples of relocalization, community, and satisfying low-carbon lifestyles and connect with existing organizations doing similar work so that we may support and enhance eachother’s progress.  In the long-term the Action Groups will contribute elements to the Transition Houston Energy Descent Action Plan.

The current Action Groups are:

  • Energy
  • Food
  • Government Policy
  • Health and Wellness
  • Heart and Soul
  • Housing
  • Introduction to Transition
  • Local Economy
  • Meaningful Work
  • Outreach/Education/Media
  • Transportation
  • Urban Design

Any member may belong to any Action Group in which they have an interest.