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Everything important happens at the edge

Late May and early June are busy for many, as this is a time of chaotic boundaries between two different states–school/not-school, work/vacation, spring/summer.  And, for us in Houston, a transition from tolerable or even great weather to days when we start hearing about heat indexes.

Ecologists and permaculturists tell us that boundaries and edges are where things of much importance happen.  As this is true for ecological communities it is also true for our Transition community.  We have many complicated edges (of the good kind) in Transition, like the edges between our inner work and the outer, or between our head work and our hand work.  On a larger level, of course, Transition is all about the edge between the fossil-fueled world in which we grew up and have become accustomed, and the energy-constrained world for which we believe we must prepare.

Transition Houston Permablitz

One of the important edges between our visions of what a Transitioned and resilient world would look like and a practical manifestation of those visions is our Permablitz program.  We held our first Permablitz this spring, and our second will be held on Sunday, June 6.  We had an engaged and hard-working group come to the first ‘Blitz, and they will all tell you that they had an excellent and meaningful time!  Please come to the Permablitz on June 6 and be similarly rewarded.  The focus of this ‘Blitz will be on water, with rain barrel installation, water gardens, raised bed construction, and more.

Transition Houston Permablitz #2

Sunday, June 6
8:30 to 1:00
505 Teetshorn St. (in the Heights)
Please RSVP to mjuedeman@gmail (or reply to this note)

Please bring tools (like shovels or wheelbarrows) if you have them, clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting dirty, gloves, sunscreen, hats, etc.

We’ll have a morning buffet table on the deck for breakfast rolls, juice, fruit and lots of coffee.

There will be a celebratory potluck following the Permablitz. It would be very helpful if the dishes contributed were “sustainably ready-to-go” and did not require last-minute assembly or heating, and that they come with their own serving utensils and bowls if these are needed. We’ll have flat plates and individual eating utensils, though people should feel free to bring their own as we have done for previous Transition events.
Appreciated pot luck non-food items include:

  • a couple of large coolers and bags of ice for sodas and foods needing refrigeration
  • a large beverage cooler with a spigot, filled with ice and water
  • large paper cups for the water

And our host will be providing ice cream for dessert!

Buy Local Alliance Planning Forum

We started another edge during our work with the Houston Peace and Justice Center to hold a Buy Local business alliance conference on May 1.  Much of importance is happening at that edge too, as a core of passionate and committed people have come together to progress the alliance, and they invite you to join them at a planning forum on Monday evening, June 7.

During the planning forum, a summary of the conference program will be presented and the ideas and contributions of all participants will be shared. We will focus on how to move a Buy Local alliance forward and welcome your participation in that effort.

Please take a moment to RSVP to attend our follow-up Planning Forum: 

Monday, June 7

6:30 PM- 9:00 PM

The Havens Center
St. Stephens Episcopal Church
1805 West Alabama, Houston, TX 77098
Extra parking available behind the church (turn south on Woodhead).

Please visit the alliance website or send an email to if you have any questions or need additional information. 

Transition Houston Monthly Meeting “re-purposed”

The Permablitz on June 6 will take the place of our June Transition Houston meeting, since the Planning Forum will be at our usual meeting time.  We hope you can join us at both the Permablitz and Planning Forum!


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