Surprise (qualified)

To my mind one of the best sorts of discovery is that which at first is surprising, but with a bit of reflection makes a great deal of sense.
Like finding an avocado plant sprouting in my compost pile, for instance.  Of course! I think: the right combination of seed, fertilizer, and warmth.
Or like finding Transition sprouting in the oil center of Houston.  Think about it for a minute, and you realize the combination of people who know how difficult it is to find hydrocarbons and the people who consume hydrocarbons at a prodigious rate is fertile ground for a clear recognition of the risks of resource depletion.  Combine an awareness of how close we live to the coast (both in the horizontal and vertical) with an understanding of the implications of a changing climate on storms and sea level and you have growing concern about our carbon emissions.
So, holding a Local Business Conference in a city which is headquarters to many multinational corporations and dotted with big-boxes?  It makes sense, when thought about by people who understand how fragile complexity can be, by people who have seen how failure-ridden too-big-to-fail has become.  Simplicity, redundancy, community–these are the elements of a resilient city, and they define our need for a thriving local economy.
Tomorrow, Saturday, May 1 you have an opportunity to join local business people and their supporters to initiate a Buy Local Alliance for Houston and the Houston area.  There is still room to attend, so please join us at 8AM at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 1805 W. Alabama St., to be part of a resilient future for our community.  Please visit for information and pre-registration.
And then join us at our May Transition Houston meeting on Monday evening, May 3, to discuss the outcomes from the conference, our next Permablitz, and all the good work that is going on in our Action Groups and neighborhood Transition Initiatives.  We will be meeting at Urban Harvest, 2311 Canal St. (on the near Eastside), at 7PM for our program followed by refreshments and connections.  More information can be found at the event listing here:
We look forward to seeing you at these events, and toward building a resilient Houston together.


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