April Meeting and May Conference

One of the exciting things about our young Transition Houston initiative is that when we do something it is a “first” for us. 
One of the truly rewarding things about Transition Houston is that every one of these firsts have been so good
Good in many ways, but especially good in the way of building community and bringing people together to work for a better and happier future.  From our first meeting on March 18 of last year, to our first potluck on Labor Day (at which we learned we were “official”), our first Training for Transition class last November, to our first Permablitz this last weekend:  Transition Houston members have done good things and bonded in the real happiness of learning, doing, working, eating, and being together.
We have another first coming up on May 1 when Transition Houston, partnering with the Houston Peace and Justice Center, will sponsor Houston’s first Buy Local Business Alliance Conference.
During the conference local business people will gather to learn about the advantages of a Local Business Alliance. This partnership will help develop a “Brand Houston,” building trust in and credibility for local independent businesses. Activities will include setting up the framework of the Alliance and forming committees to create and support this organization. 
The economic viability of the City of Houston and its surroundings depends on our locally owned businesses. When local businesses buy more from Houston based suppliers and increase the number of local customers, our region will become more self reliant. Local businesses link communities together and everyone in Houston benefits when the money we spend circulates through the hands of Houstonians.  This is important to our Transition pathway, as relocalization increases resilience at many levels:  economic interdependence, reduced resource dependency, food sufficiency, etc.
If you are–or would like to be–a local business owner, or are part of an organization that supports local businesses, you will find great value in attending this conference and participating in the establishment of a a Local Business Alliance.  If you know someone who is a local business owner or support organization please pass this information on to them.
Our next Transition Houston meeting is coming up this next Monday, April 5, at 7pm.  We will be meeting at Urban Harvest, in room 124.  If you would like to learn more about the Local Business Conference please come to the meeting.  We will also discuss last weekend’s Permablitz (and talk about the next one coming soon!), hear about improvements to our web presence, and learn about what is going on in our Action Groups and Neighborhood Transition Initiatives.
The Transition movement in general is a great experiment, albeit with high stakes.  Transition Houston likewise is experimenting with self-organized, grassroot, community-based responses to the major challenges of our age.  We hope you will join us and lend your personal energy so that the experiment might succeed.


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