2010 is here (lets get to work!)

We are reminded by Houston’s current cool weather of our planet’s seasonal cycles. We’ve passed the shortest day of the winter solstice, but cold days remain as the warmth of lengthening days fills the deficit in the northern hemisphere’s heat budget. While the New Year is upon us Spring is weeks or even months away. Still we know that the Sun and orbital mechanics are doing their work, and the season will change when the cumulative effects of almost unnoticed incremental changes reach a tipping point and the good earth responds.

In a similar manner we do our incremental work for Transition in Houston, our region, and globally: to raise awareness of the significant issues and challenges that we face, to connect and work in concert with other aligned organizations towards building a vision of a truly sustainable world, to demonstrate and model what such a world might look like through the lifestyle changes we make, and by finding joy, happiness, and contentment through the connections we develop within our communities. We hope that our cumulative efforts to shift perceptions of what constitutes a good life will ultimately lead to an effective response to carbon constraints and economic distress.

We have accomplished much in our inaugural year 2009, but we are only just beginning. In 2010 we will continue our awareness efforts, build networks with other organizations, form working groups to address the many aspects of an post-carbon economy, begin reskilling workshops and education, and work toward the Great Unleashing of Transition within our communities.

Our first Transition Houston meeting of 2010 will be on January 11, 7-9PM, at Urban Harvest (2311 Canal Street). The event listing for the meeting can be found here. We hope you will join us as we map out the organizations with which we can work for community sustainability and resilience, and identify and initiate the working groups that will focus our activities.

In preparation for the meeting we ask you to:

  • Think of what organizations we should be connecting with (if you are a member of such organization so much the better!)
  • Think of what aspect(s) of our Transition response is of greatest interest and importance to you (such as Food, Energy, Transportation, Health and Medicine, Local Economy, Awareness, Media and Outreach, etc.)

See you at the meeting!


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