December Potluck and Candidate Meet-and-Greet

We hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and are looking forward to being in community with family and friends during the holiday season. We are all thankful for the great progress made in building Transition Houston through the work and passion of this community.

Many members of Transition Houston (and Transition-enquirers from San Antonio and Tulsa) attended an excellent Training for Transition during the weekend of November 21 and 22, and have come away inspired and stimulated to continue our Transition work. Work groups are already forming (Heart & Soul and Media among them) and Transition Woodlands and Greater North Houston has been initiated!

In celebration of all that we have achieved together, we are planning to hold our December monthly meeting as a Transition community potluck. We will meet on Sunday, December 6, for the potluck, so that you may attend the James Hansen talk on Monday, December 7. Please bring a dish of your choice to share with friends, and also a plate or bowl and eating utensils.

Transition Houston Potluck
Sunday, December 6
505 Teetshorn St. (in the Heights)

One of the areas in which we hope to make progress in the coming months is that of establishing contacts with our local government(s). For this reason we hope you will be interested to attend the City of Houston runoff candidate meet-and-greet sponsored by the Houston chapter of the Congress for New Urbanism (CNU), Houston Tomorrow, Emerging Green Builders, Citizens’ Transportation Coalition, and Transition Houston. It will be held this Thursday, December 3, from 6:30 to 8PM, at the Upper Kirby building, 3015 Richmond Ave.  While the event is free, please RSVP here to help with the event planning.

We hope to see you at the meet-and-greet on Thursday and the Potluck on Sunday!


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One response to “December Potluck and Candidate Meet-and-Greet

  1. tejanojim

    Hi. Being concerned both about peak oil and climate change, I’m glad that there is a group in Houston that is trying to get a handle on some of these issues.

    A few questions – food, micro and macro. Aside from the farmer’s markets on Eastside Dr. and in T’afia parking lot, where do you recommend to get local food – especially reasonably priced staples like bread, honey, eggs, meat, veggies, etc. Also, does anyone know what size population this city could support only on food coming from within a 150 mile radius? Cause I suspect the answer is “not as many as we have”.

    Transport – what modes of getting around are sustainable and viable in Houston, aside from feet (too slow) and bikes (still fairly slow, and not pleasant in summer). Buses still use gas, just not as much as cars when well utilized. Light rail could be (is?) electric, which then in theory could come from renewables. But as the price of oil goes up, building tracks, stations and trains will be more difficult. Electric scooter? The electric car still isn’t here, and will cost your firstborn son when it arrives.

    Any thoughts? Anyhow, good luck to y’all. We’re going to need it, i suspect.

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