2009 Runoff Candidate Meet and Greet December 3

CNU-Houston, Houston Tomorrow, Emerging Green Builders, and Citizens’ Transportation Coalition are hosting a Meet and Greet event for the 2009 Houston Runoff Election Candidates.

They have  invited the following candidates to come to this social event where they can get to know the sponsoring  organization’s members and friends:

Mayor: Gene Locke, Annise Parker
Controller: Ron Green, MJ Khan
District A: Lane Lewis, Brenda Stardig
District F: Al Hoang, Mike Laster
At-large 1: Stephen Costello, Karen Derr
At-large 2: Andrew Burks, Sue Lovell
At-large 5: Jack Christie, Jolanda Jones

As of November 23, Candidates Stephen Costello, Karen Derr, Jack Christie, MJ Khan, and Ron Green have confirmed that they will be in attendance, and there are several tentative commitments from others.

Not only will this event be an excellent chance to get to know the runoff candidates, it will also be a great opportunity to meet the members of the sponsoring organizations. Transition Houston may have a table at the event.

For more details and to register, go to the event page here.

For more information about the sponsoring organizations, follow the links below:


Houston Tomorrow

Emerging Green Builders

Citizens’ Transportation Coalition


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